Kale listed as an ‘endangered species’

November 22, 2014



The Black Rhino, Chinese Panda, African Mountain Gorilla, Sea Turtles and now, kale.

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Tom Waterhouse set to reclaim his title as ‘Australia’s Most Hated Man’

November 3, 2014



In the lead up to the 154th running of the Melbourne Cup, bookmaker Tom Waterhouse is set to reclaim his position as ‘Australia’s Most Hated Man.’

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School bans students

October 27, 2014


An empty classroom is seen in al-Aqsa University in Gaza

A Melbourne primary school has sparked outrage after its sensational and unprecedented move to ban students.

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Boko Haram leader wonders what he has to do to get some attention

October 9, 2014



Abubakar Shekau, the leader of Boko Haram has opened up in candid tell-all TV interview. In the exclusive one on one, filmed in northern Nigeria and due to be aired in the US this week, Shekau reflects on the group’s battle for notoriety in the increasingly crowded radical Islam market, opens up about his feelings […]

ISIS / ISIL announces name change

October 5, 2014



A spokesman for the Islamic State, also known as ISIS or ISIL, has announced that the group plans to change its name.

What type of lettuce are you?

September 12, 2014



You’ve done the ‘What kind of dog am I?’ quiz and the ‘Which celebrity will I marry?’ survey, but you still feel unfulfilled, there is an unanswered question burning away inside you, what you really want to know is – What type of lettuce am I?

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Paul Keating’s ego ‘has potential to power Australia for decades’ say climate experts

August 29, 2014


paul keating

Former Prime Minister Paul Keating is working with Australia’s Climate Institute on a breakthrough green energy project.

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