‘Welcome to 20’s Buffet Restaurant, where we offer the finest in 20’s style dining.  Choose from a range of entrees, main courses and deserts.  There are set banquets, based on popular customer experiences, however you are free to design your own dining experience if you wish We hope you have a pleasant dining experience at 20’s.

Entrees – Dating, Play, Politics

Main Courses – Love, Travel, Work, University, Marriage, Moving Out

Desserts – Sex, Drugs, Children

Banquet options

Dating, Love & Sex

Play, Travel & Drugs

Politics University & Drugs

Dating, Marriage & Children

Play, University & Sex

Play, Moving Out & Drugs

‘Or design your own banquet’



Dating is an old favourite at 20’s buffet restaurant, with everybody trying it at some stage.  Often customers are nervous the first time they try Dating, however this is completely natural and nothing to be concerned about.  Dating is a delicate dish and customers may have to visit many times in order to find the right combination of ingredients.

Reviews of dating are mixed.  Some customers find the right combination of ingredients quickly and will order a main course of Love soon after Dating.  Others may find Dating to be quite tasty at the beginning, however after several visits the flavour can disappear for no apparent reason.  Other customers have reported feeling nauseous after Dating, while even more have experienced disappointment that the dish did live up to their expectations, this is common if customers are ordering through 20’s online.  If you find that after several visits the taste of Dating has soured, other entrees such as Play are recommended, alternatively one may choose to skip Dating altogether and move on to the main courses.


This dish is a unique concept to 20’s buffet restaurant.  When ordering Play customers are able to design a dish which matches their tastes and which they will enjoy fully.  Play may include music, sports, reading, writing, arts, cooking or one of many other succulent ingredients.  Unless requested, Play is served at a group table, allowing customers to learn, share and meet new friends as the enjoy Play.

Play is highly recommended by health professionals the world over, for it provides all the nutrition required a healthy body and mind.  Customers will often experiment with the ingredients of Play and sit at different tables.  This is highly recommended by 20’s, as customers will often find they enjoy many types of Play.


Politics is an acquired taste at 20’s.  We find many customers are not interested in sampling politics at all, unable to comprehend how all the flavours work together.  Even those with a taste for Politics can find the mixture of ingredients confusing at times.  Politics can be a divisive dish.  Despite having a common interest in ordering Politics, customers often argue over the correct ingredients.  There are those who prefer the vegetarian option, while others staunchly stand that against them and say that Politics tasted just fine long before the vegetarian option came along.  Some who order Politics like to dip it in Religious sauce, although many see this as ruining Politics.  Whatever your choice, Politics will undoubtedly dazzle your taste buds and leave you with something to talk about.

Main courses


Often served following Dating, Love is, by a long way, the most popular dish at 20’s buffet restaurant.  Not everyone chooses to sample Love straight away however everyone tries it at some stage, albeit with a different combination of ingredients.

Reviews of Love are diverse, even more so than Dating.  Some rave about it, quickly learn the right ingredients and continue to order it all through their 20’s without much trouble.  Others, the majority, struggle with it and will need to try it more than once.  Despite the difficulties Love presents customers continue to order it and try for the right mix of ingredients.

On the downside, some customers have complained of feeling nauseous, bitter and hurt after bad experiences with Love.  More common complaints include that the dish has not lived up to the customers expectations; the dish has been found to include different ingredients than the customer was led to believe; the customer finds an extra ingredient in the dish that was not ordered; or sometimes one simply outgrows the taste of a particular mix of ingredients.  So be warned, Love is a volatile dish.

Sometimes it happens that customers will order Love by mistake, having thought they were ordering Dating or Sex, therefore it is extremely important that customers are clear when ordering.  Occasionally, Love can be served accidentally; sometimes the customer is pleased when this happens, as a surprise dish of Love can taste nice, however sometimes the customer, while maybe accepting Love, is not really ready for it and should send it back.

Whatever the case, Love is definitely worth tasting.  It could turn sour, taste bad, be hard to chew, have wrong or extra ingredients, however when you get the mix right it will turn out to be the best dish you have ever tasted.


Travel is a dish everyone will try in some form at 20’s.  Many sample it once or twice in their visits to 20’s and are satisfied, others stick to their local cuisine, staying away the international dishes, while a select few return time and time again, with a seemingly insatiable appetite for Travel.

It is a dish which is highly recommended, even by our competitors – 30’s and 40’s and there are a variety of dishes within Travel, both local and international.  Customers, if they wish, are able to start with old favourites, flavours that are easy on the stomach and if they find those dishes enjoyable, they can build up to the more spicy and exotic.

It is worth remembering that Travel can be an expensive dish, with customers often having to sacrifice ordering other dishes because of Travel.  However those who order Travel regularly strongly recommend it and believe the sacrifice is worth every cent.


While everyone who visits 20’s will order Work at some stage, it is not always the first or favourite choice of customers, especially those who enjoy Travel.  While the standard Work dish gives customers all the nutrients they need for life it can be a repetitive dish, therefore we recommend customers to try different ways of preparing Work, to ensure it does not become too bland.  If you are lucky enough to find the right combination then Work can be a tasty and nutritious dish.  At 20’s we advise a healthy serving of Work every so often, however we recommend customers sample other dishes such as Travel and University, to make this easier Work is also available as an entrée.


Like Travel, University is highly recommended by our competitors at 30’s and 40’s.  Those who order University often sample Politics as an entrée, and may choose Drugs or Sex as a dessert.  Similar to Play, University is recommended by health professionals for mental development.

University is an exciting dish and includes of a vast array of ingredients, many of which the customer will have never heard of, or never imagined could be combined.  Customers who regularly order University will often go on to develop their own recipes, based on what they have tasted through their University experiences.

Depending on how many times a customer orders University, it can be an expensive dish.  Often the customer may not realise the full extent of the expense until well after they have consumed the dish.  Many customers will therefore alternate between ordering University and Work dishes.  Nevertheless at 20’s we highly recommend University.


Like many other dishes at 20’s Marriage is not for everyone.  Some order Marriage after only a few visits to 20’s, although most wait longer, while some never order it at all.  Marriage is most popular with those who have ordered and enjoyed Dating or Love.  Many customers visit 20’s hoping to order Marriage, however it is a large dish, therefore it is only available for two, leaving many customers disappointed.

Some customers order Children before noticing Marriage on the menu and may then feel obliged to order Marriage.  While the two often compliment each other, we leave the final decision up to the customer.

Marriage is a dish often confused with Love, as it shares many of the same ingredients, although Marriage takes much longer to prepare.  If ordered incorrectly 20’s does not offer any refunds on Marriage, therefore we ask customers to consider carefully whether Marriage is the right dish for them.

Moving out

For some customers Moving Out is a highly desired dish and leaves them feeling comfortable to then order Dating, Sex and Drugs.  For others it is a necessity if they are to also order University, Travel or Work.  While for some customers Moving Out is a dish way out of their price range or taste buds and therefore not sampled until after many visits.

Whatever your preference it is most likely you will try Moving Out at some stage while visiting 20’s.  It may be a dish you enjoy on your own, combined with Love, or shared with friends.  As with Travel and University, Moving Out can be quite an expensive dish, especially when ordered for the first time, so consider it carefully.



Like Dating and Love, Sex is ordered by everyone who comes to 20’s.  Many customers are familiar with the dish before dining at 20’s, however we offer many varieties on the Sex dishes available at Teens.  Some customers order Sex straight after Dating, skipping a main course altogether, while others will wait until they are sure about the taste of Love before trying Sex.  Like Travel, Sex comes in a variety of ingredients.  For the more conservative customer Sex can be served traditionally, following Dating and a main course of Love or Marriage, while for those who like things a bit wilder Sex can be served with a variety of spices and sauces to excite and tantalise the taste buds.  While it is not the usual practice at 20’s, it does happen from time to time that three or more customers may order Sex together.

Many customers will find, after sampling Sex several times, a preference for what kind of Sex they enjoy most.  Sadly, even though customers know what kind of Sex they like, it is not always available, so we ask for your patience if this occurs.  At other times our Chef may be working with lesser ingredients, so even if a customer orders Sex, it may not be up to the usual standard.

Whatever your preferences, at 20’s we will do our best to satisfy you when ordering Sex.  While sometimes it may come too soon, not often enough or taste bad, we can guarantee you that you will have some Sex at 20’s that you will remember for a long time.


Like Politics, Drugs is not always ordered by customers at 20’s.  Some customers may never want to order Drugs, others may try it once and be either satisfied or unsatisfied and leave it at that, while others may order it time and time again.  Like Sex, some customers may be familiar with Drugs from dining at Teens, however at 20’s we offer a far greater range of Drugs, both legal and illegal.

The Drugs dishes at 20’s are not without controversy.  Many in the media warn against ordering it and our competitors at 30’s and 40’s are often hesitant to talk about their experiences with Drugs.  If taken in small amounts Drugs can be an enjoyable dish and many customers send us rave reviews about their experiences on Drugs.  However there are many side effects to be wary of when trying Drugs.  Sometimes customers will combine Drugs with Sex.  This combination can result in an unwanted order of Children or even a visit from the Board of Healthy & Safety.  Other side effects include addiction and severe illness.  Illness is most common when we have foreign Chef’s are working at 20’s.  A common complaint is when customers order Travel and Drugs, especially in our South East Asian restaurants.

Like those who order Travel frequently, Drugs can be an expensive dish, therefore we recommend if you want to try Drugs, do it occasionally, do not do it alone and make sure your friends are not ordering Drugs.


Children is a popular dish at 20’s.  Like Marriage, Children takes a long time to prepare, so we ask customers to consider if the dish is suitable for them.  Refunds are not always possible if a mistake is made in ordering.  Even if a refund is granted it can be a long and painful process to cancel the order.

Also, because of the size of the dish we strongly recommend it is ordered for two, some customers have been known to order Children based on false promises that a friend is coming to dine with them.  We also recommend you read the menu carefully when ordering Children, as sometimes customers believe they have only ordered Sex, however have ended up with Children.

If you are totally certain that Children is the right dish for you, then we have many positive reviews which we would be happy to share with you.

‘Whatever you choose on our menu, we hope you enjoy your experience at 20’s and that you are able to sample the finest dishes we have to offer.’