In the anus of the universe, where bad taste decisions are released to float and stink for all eternity, this one holds a special place.

Deep down in the toilet bowl of poor judgement, alongside the Chasers War on Kids with Cancer, Hey Hey It’s Saturday’s Black Faces and pretty much everything Vile Sandilands has ever said, Zoo Weekly’s ‘Hottest Asylum Seeker’ competition stands strong, like the proud brown turd of a decision that it was.

The only shot fired was by Zoo Weekly into their own foot

If nothing else, the editors at Zoo have now confirmed that the place is run by and for animals.

The Oxford English dictionary, which ran it final full print this year, would surely have had the words ‘Tim Keen’ and ‘Matt Stanton’ in the definition of ‘prick’ if it were running a 2013 edition.

Matt Stanton, CEO of ACP Magazines. I could not find a photo of Tim Keen, if you have one please post it in the comments section.

 As if Australia’s reputation with asylum seekers was not bad enough after twenty years of mandatory detention, including over a decade of international condemnation from the United Nations, Amnesty International and human rights lawyers across the globe, we now have Tim Keen and Matt Stanton, on the eve of the Olympics, winning a dual gold medals for Australia in the brain-melt-fucktathlon.

Asking asylum seekers to ‘share stories of their tragic past’ rivals if not trumps Vile’s on-air questioning of a teenage rape victim back in 2009.  Perhaps only a more tragic story than an asylum seekers journey to Australia would be an Australian man’s lifetime subscription to Zoo Weekly.

Cutting edge satire from the team at Zoo Weekly

Thankfully there are some people with better taste than Tim Keen, Matt Stanton and the morons at Zoo Weekly.  Within 24 hours Matt Darvas and had 5000 online signatures petitioning for the competition to be pulled – and not the kind ‘pulling’ mostly Zoo Weekly readers would be familiar with.

Unlike Australia’s politicians when trying to come up with a decent asylum seeker policy, Matt Darvas and were successful and the competition was cancelled.’s online petition, which is now closed

Zoo Weekly came out with a predictably insincere apology, ‘Zoo is happy to print an apology to those readers who were offended by our take on a very serious topic; and to acknowledge that for asylum seekers and refugees, and their families and supporters, it’s a subject too important for jokes,’ – well, I’m glad you finally figured that out Tim Keen and Matt Stanton, have you been asleep for the last decade?

Coincidentally, the abandonment of ‘Australia’s Hottest Asylum Seeker’ also coincides with the conclusion of Australia’s Dumbest Magazine Editor.