Sam Bacile’s film, Innocence of Muslims, which should have disappeared into a black hole of irrelevance and nothingness, sharing space with Larry Crowne, Pearl Harbour and Sex & the City 2, has instead captured the worlds attentions in the past week, stirring angry Muslims to take to the streets in protest.

The whole sad affair has been a huge storm of idiots stirring each other up and reacting, while the rest of us look on in dismay.

Let’s start with the film.  A film made by, with and for idiots.

Usually when I hear a film described as ‘a poorly acted, controversial, amateur movie, gone viral,’ two words spring to mind – Kim Kardashian.  Innocence of Muslims, for all its poor acting, acting that even Ron Jeremy would be ashamed of, does not even offer viewers the salvation of tits.  That is my biggest problem with it.  If you are going to make your audience sit through acting that bad at least reward them with some tits.

The prophet Mohammad, as depicted in Innocence of Muslims

Following the release of Innocence of Muslims on YouTube and then a report on Egyptian TV, protests erupted.  Muslims were insulted.  At the risk of insulting Muslims again, suck it up guys.  Innocence of Muslims is not the first insult to yours or any other religion.  Religions, Gods, disciples and prophets have been insulted, critiqued, parodied and lampooned for centuries and it is not going to stop anytime soon.

The film, the protesters claim – at least those who have seen it – is insulting to Islam.  That it is.  Though on the scale of insults and threats to Islam, it about as irrelevant and unintelligent as you can get.  It is not a gilt edged critique by political scientists or religious scholars.  It is poorly scripted and woefully acted drivel by amateur film makers.  It deserves to be flushed into obscurity, yet is instead, thanks largely to Muslims themselves, infamous and immortal.

In Australia, a protest quickly turned into a riot, well, an Australian version of a riot, which is somewhat different from what a riot might constitute in Cairo, Sana’a or Benghazi.  A handful of protestors and police were left bleeding, angry words were amplified and commercial news had a field day reporting on ‘Muslims riots.’

Police and protesters clash in Sydney

The Australian protestors, largely, are idiots too.  Parading the streets, marching against an insult to Islam, while at the same time carrying placards calling for people to be beheaded helps nobody, least of all your Muslim brothers and sisters.  Surely a bigger threat to Islam, a bigger insult to Islam is having images of children, like this one, splashed across national news programs.


Finally, the predictable backlash from racist and xenophobic idiots followed the ‘Muslim riots.’  Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi has hailed the Sydney protest / riot as the Islamic led Armageddon he has been predicting for years.  Another idiot.  Since when do a few dozen hot headed young male protestors represent the largely peaceful, law abiding and integrated Australian Islamic community?  Back in your box Bernardi!

Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi

This is what happens when idiots are given a platform.  They make crap films (with no tits).  The other idiots react hysterically.  Then even more idiots have an excuse to spread their xenophobic propaganda.