New from Milton Bradley it’s Process: the Board Game©!

Better than ‘hours of fun’ for the whole family, this game will keep you entertained for weeks, months or even years, as you compete to win a refugee visa in Australia.

Process: the Board Game© is ideal for the modern day family because it will be weeks, months or even years between your pieces moving around the board.  You can safely forget about your pieces for all this time, return to your daily life, and they will still be there waiting, when you remember about ‘that game’ languishing in the backroom.

Process game pieces - choose from a range of exciting colours.
Process game pieces – choose from a range of exciting colours.

Process: the Board Game© can be found at all good retail outlets, though mostly at the cruel, unrepentant and racist ones, and for a limited time only Process: the Board Game© can be purchased in the special packaging of canvas wrapping and barbed wire.

Process: the Board Game©

  • Travel through the exotic and tropical locations of Manus Island in Papua New Guinea, Nauru and Australia’s famously excised Christmas Island.
  • Traverse the dangerous and treacherous DIACMountain,  Visa Appeals Maze, the Desert of No Advantage and the Ocean of Boredom as you struggle to complete the game.
  • Try your luck with the Process: the Board Game© ‘Community Detest’ and ‘No Chance’ cards – win 5 years on Nauru, a Bridging Visa or  Temporary Protection Visa, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, community handouts or second prize in a beauty contest.
  • As your game piece (referred to only by its boat ID number) moves around the board, you encounter and battle the villainous Howard the Abominable, Bowen the Bastard and Terrible Twosome of Reith  & Ruddock.
'Community Detest' cards
‘Community Detest’ cards
'No chance' cards
‘No chance’ cards

Process: the Board Game© – special features

  • No starting over.  Once a player starts Process: the Board Game© there is no reset option.  If you no longer want to participate in the game you can choose to activate your, ‘IOM: Get out of  Process free’ card and you exit the game forever.  As you languish for months and years on DIAC Mountain, inside the Visa Appeals Maze, lose yourself in the Desert of No Advantage or float aimlessly through the Ocean of Boredom you may be more and more inclined to activate the card, however it will leave you without the chance of winning the all important refugee visa.
  • Riot function.  While Process: the Board Game© can only be played over weeks, months and years, leaving the game unattended for prolonged periods, particularly in direct sunlight, will activate the ‘Riot function.’  When activated, the board will shake, pieces will fall and some will reset to an earlier position.
  • Disadvantage Dice.  In keeping with the true spirit of Australia’s asylum seeker process, Process: the Board Game© players only receive 89% of normal dice.  Therefore, each dice has one side which is blank, ensuring you move around the board at a slower pace than other games.
  • Visa loophole.  When Process: the Board Game© eventually realises a winner the fun,  and game, does not necessarily end there.  The lucky visa recipient will have one last prize to uncover, to  discover if they have truly won.  In  addition to the ‘Community Detest’ and ‘No Chance’ cards, the lucky winner of refugee status will pick from the ‘Visa Loophole,’ cards.  The player, if he or she picks well, may discover that their visa application was successful and they have truly won; or, they may discover their security clearance returned negative, necessitating a move back 20 spaces and opening the way for another winner; or, that during their time in detention, a relative of theirs died, necessitating a move back 10 spaces for mandatory counselling and opening the way for another winner; or, that the Minister has identified their case as ‘classified,’ necessitating a move back 30 spaces, for reasons classified from the other players and opening the way for another winner.  The ‘Visa Loophole’ function of Process: the Board Game© ensures that the fun continues, just when it seems to be ending!

    Do not pass Australia, do not collect 89% of unemployment benefits
    Do not pass Australia, do not collect 89% of unemployment benefits