My name is Rua’nu.

I am an orphan.

I live by myself in my house.

I have some friends, but they live far away.  Sometimes we visit each other.

In my house it is just me.

A long time ago, some New people came from far away to visit my place.

The New people wore different clothes, they talked in a funny voice and they had strange white skin. They were very rich people.

They liked meeting me and all my friends.

They taught me many things.  They helped me to become educated.  Now I can read and write.  They gave me some new clothes and I learned about their music, sports and books and I tasted their food.  The new people also bought with them new animals.  Now I know what a dog is and what a cat is.

The New people also taught me about God.  I love God.  God teaches me that I should be good to others, forgive those trespass against me and that I should not steal or hurt other people.  If I do, it is called a sin.  Now that I know God, I go to church every Sunday and I celebrate Easter and Christmas.

My place is far from other places
My place is far from other places

After some time of being at my place, the New people started hurting me.  They took things from my house, things that had been with me for a long time, longer than I can remember.  They were special things that my parents and ancestors left for me.  The New people said that if I let them take these things, they would sell them to other people and that I would be rich.  I did not want to sell them, but I am very poor, so I said yes.  I never got much money.  I got some, but it was not a lot.

The New people sold the things they took from me and now my house, which used to be black and beautiful, is now grey, white and colourless.  It makes me sad when I see my house like this.

My place used to be black and beautiful
My place used to be black and beautiful

One day the New people said they did not want to sell any more things from my house.  That made me happy because I was sad my house was different.  But I still had a problem, because I was poor again.  I got some money when they were selling those things, but now I had none.  I was poor again.

Then the New people left me alone.  It was just me again, in my house.  Alone and poor.

My places is now colourless
My places is now colourless

One day the New people came back.  They said they had a problem and if I helped them they would give me lots of money.  The numbers they told me I did not know before.  The New people told me that they wanted some Other people to live in my house.  My house was very small, but because I was poor I said it was ok.  The New people said they would take care of the Other people and that I could do work like building and cooking and cleaning.  I was happy to do that.

The New people even made my house bigger for free, they added more rooms to it.  But they said I could not go in those rooms, because that was where the Other people were living and it was dangerous.  They said the Other people could hurt me.  I was scared of the Other people, I didn’t want them to hurt me, so I stayed away from those new rooms.

For a long time, the New people and the Other people came to my house and I was working and things were ok.  But then something happened.

One day there was a big fight in my house.  The Other people were yelling and screaming and some were hurting themselves.  I think even one or two of might have died.  The New people did not like the Other people doing that.  They locked all the doors to the new rooms and told the Other people that they would be in big trouble.

Soon I started hearing stories about the Other people.  The stories were that the Other people did not want to be in my house, but the New people were forcing them to be there.  I thought the Other people must have done something bad, maybe they were criminals.  But I learned that they were not criminals.  I did not understand why the New people would bring the Other people to my house when the Other people did not want to be there.

I was confused.

When I am confused I like to read my Bible and ask God to help me.  He can tell me what is right and wrong.  The New people taught me about God, so I thought He might know the answer.

The New people bough Jesus Christ to my place
The New people bough Jesus Christ to my place

I could not find anything in my Bible about keeping people locked in rooms when they have not been doing wrong things.  I remembered when I was a child, if I did something bad I would go to my room, but I was always allowed out afterwards.  Maybe the Other people did not want to say sorry.  The Other people were never let out.  The Other people in my house were hurting themselves, they were very unhappy and sometimes I could hear them crying.  Why did the New people do that to them?

The messages of the new people confuse me
The messages of the new people confuse me

I think it is wrong that the New people do this to the Other people.  I do not like hearing the noises at night and thinking about the Other people being hurt.  But now I have a different problem.  If I tell the New people to leave my house then I will be poor again.  I do not like being poor.  I have a better life now, I can eat nice food, my house is bigger and I have a motorbike.  Maybe one day I will get married and have a family and my children will go to school, I will need money for that.

Sometimes I lay awake at night and think that God is angry with me.  I think He is angry, because He knows I do not like the way the Other people are treated, but He knows that I cannot make myself poor again.

I don’t know what to do.