In an astounding turn of events, Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi’s controversial views on gay marriage have proven accurate.

The outspoken South Australian Senator attracted widespread criticism late last year, when he warned that allowing gay marriage would lead to a push for bestial or ‘inter-species’ marriage laws.

This week, Senator Bernardi’s prediction eventuated, when following legalisation for gay marriage in New Zealand, advocates for human – sheep marriage launched their campaign.

New Zealand First MP, Richard Prosser, kicked started the campaign in Parliament this week, declaring, ‘Intimate relations between a man and his sheep have a long tradition in New Zealand and I want be able to express my merino love without fear, judgement or ridicule.  My relationship with my sheep is as natural as any love that exists and to deny my sheep and I the right to express that love is discrimination – plain and simple.  We deserve the same rights as everyone else.’

Richard Prosser MP: Sheepfucker
Richard Prosser: Sheepfucker

Mr Prosser found a high profile ally in former Channel Ten ‘Breakfast’ host Paul Henry, who declared himself a ‘Shearer,’ the preferred term for people commonly known as sheepfuckers; ‘I would like to publicly throw my support behind Mr Prosser’s campaign.  I too have enjoyed the company of sheep.  I have pressed the mutton button, I have flossed with fleece and I am not afraid to admit it!  For heaven’s sake, if we are now allowing gays, Muslims, immigrants and Indians to get married, then why not a man and his sheep?  I am sick of being vilified for a natural act of love.  It is part of the fabric of New Zealand society, a tradition of our forefathers.  No longer will I be labelled a sheepfucker, a ram-rooter, a ewe-turner, a baa baa boy – I am a Shearer and proud of it!’

Paul Henry: Sheepfucker
Paul Henry: Sheepfucker

Mr Prosser’s ‘Shear Love’ campaign has found wide support on social media.  On Twitter the hash-tag #ilove_ewe has been trending since his speech in Parliament and a new Facebook page, ‘Pull the Wool’ has attracted many followers including New Zealand born actor Russell Crowe.  New Zealand Prime Minister John Key has given lukewarm support to the ‘Shear Love,’ campaign.  While denying he has ever experienced inter-species love, Key did admit to owning several woolly jumpers and had an uncle who ‘never married.’

The shear love message of 'new marriage equality' advocates in New Zealand
The ‘shear’ love message of new marriage equality advocates in New Zealand

Meanwhile in Adelaide, Senator Bernardi has found no consolation in his prediction being realised, ‘Perhaps people will now take me seriously and see that marriage should remain a sacred and holy union between a man and a woman.  Is it not enough that we allow Muslims, asylum seekers, Asians, single mothers, Green voters, Aboriginals, Jews, Indians, immigrants, dole bludgers, communists, fat people, bald people, people with second toes longer than the first and Africans to get married, we have to allow gay people too?  Where will it end?  It won’t – as is being proven in New Zealand!’

World attention is now focused on France, where a vote on gay marriage will take place this week.  Richard Prosser and his supporters will be hoping for a YES vote, which they believe will strengthen their movement towards what is being called ‘new marriage equality’ in New Zealand, ‘While I find what gay people do disgusting,’ Prosser said on radio this week, ‘I support their cause if it brings a man and his sheep one step closer to their unique relationship being recognised for what is really is – love.’