In April this year the Australian Human Rights Commission released its report ‘Human rights standards for immigration detention.’  As with most reports on Australia’s miserable asylum seekers policies, the report exposes gaping holes in our treatment of these people.

The report includes standards such as access to health care, which was exposed as well below standard on the Four Corners ‘No Advantage’ episode on April 29, external communications, duty of care and the special needs of children.

Section 18 deals with the issue of accommodation, specifically; that it meets needs such as space, lighting, hygiene, climate suitability and privacy, so as to preserve the dignity of those occupying it – or however much they have remaining.  In Section 18.3 the report notes that for safety reasons accommodation must be ‘free from hanging points,’ amongst other recommendations.

In the same month as the report was published, the last of the asylum seekers detained on Nauru who were residing in tents moved into more stable accommodation.  However for up to 7 months many resided in tents which, well, you can decide for yourself whether they fit the standards…

DSCF1688 DSCF1659 DSCF1657 DSCF1634

Inside the tents of Nauru.

DSCF1604 DSCF1600 DSCF1592 DSCF1587 DSCF1580 DSCF1575

A tent city

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