Nirvana’s iconic anthem, ‘Smells like teen spirit,’ has once again topped Triple J’s Hottest 100 competition.

After listeners voted it the best song of all time in 1991, 1998 and 2009, station management were hopeful that a new angle on the long running competition would see a different song occupy the top position.

Thus, Triple J’s ’20 years of Hottest 100’s’ was born and voting was limited to songs released between 1 January 1993 and 31 December 2012, making the opening track from Nevermind ineligible.  Nevertheless, despite this technicality, the song was still voted in at no.1.

Long time Triple J identity Richard Kingsmill said he was astounded at the result and he and his fellow producers would now have to go ‘back to the drawing board’ in an attempt to concoct a Hottest 100 competition which would see the song not win.

‘We really thought we had it,’ a clearly exhausted and disappointed Kingsmill said on air this morning, ‘we thought, here we go – a ‘20 years’ competition, there’s no way Nirvana can win again!  Yet, somehow it has, I just can’t believe it.’

A dumbfounded Richard Kingsmill at Triple J headquarters this week
A dumbfounded Richard Kingsmill at Triple J headquarters this week

Station management have released a press statement saying that ‘technical glitches’ in the online voting system were to blame.  It has since been discovered that Triple J’s online voting system was modelled on the same technology used the 2000 US elections, in which George W Bush became President.

‘Obviously the ramifications of George W Bush winning and Nirvana winning are not the same, yet it is still a disappointment and embarrassment for us, but Nirvana is not going to invade Iraq!’ said Breakfast host Tom Ballard in yet another failed attempt at humour.

Currently in the role of Music Director, Richard Kingsmill believes the chances of ever drafting a Hottest 100 competition which would see a non-Nirvana victory are fading.  ‘We really thought we had it this time.  We’re exploring a number of options including pre-1991 Hottest 100, living artists Hottest 100 or bad Aussie hip hop Hottest 100 – since that is all we play nowadays.  The final option may be to simply have a non-Nirvana related Hottest 100, just to see that song not win, but then probably one of Dave Grohl’s bands will win.’