When the last asylum seeker moved from his tent to block accommodation in April this year, one of the ugliest sights in Australian asylum seeker policy was no more – the tents of Nauru.

Asylum seekers on Nauru are now housed in dormitory / donger style accommodation.  This accommodation is being built by the Australian company Canstruct.  A Courier Mail article from May 2013 refers to them as a ‘family company,’ and makes note that roughly 50% of its Nauruan workforce is made up of locals.  Other companies working at the Nauru detention centre such as Wilsons Security, Transfield and The Salvation Army pay locals around $4 or $6 per hour, much less than an Australian would work for, particularly a FIFO worker on Nauru.  For more information on how Nauruans are hired, paid and most importantly regarded, click here. You can also see for yourself the new accommodation blocks on Nauru…


Looks like a prison, feels like a prison...

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