Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has almost single handily derailed his party’s re-election campaign with an embarrassing verbal slip up.

Speaking today in the Sydney suburb of Parramatta, the Prime Minister was addressing a crowd of manufacturing workers, announcing a key subsidy package.

Warning of the ‘Cuts, cuts, cuts,’ that would accompany an Abbott government, Mr Rudd was forced to pause and recompose himself, after he mispronounced one of the words.  Mr Rudd quickly made light of the incident, saying the profanity, ‘slipped out the wrong end of the sauce bottle, mate.’

The reaction to Rudd’s gaffe has been mixed.  Not surprisingly, it has angered mothers, feminists and that Women’s Weekly lady who ‘analyses’ politics with Karl Stefanovic on the Today Show.  They all identified that Rudd was wearing, not only a blue tie at the time, but a blue hard hat and blue socks, had a blue pen in his pocket, had taken a blue car to arrive at the launch, was standing behind a blue backdrop and to top it off was using blue language.  In contrast, Rudd’s appeal with yobbos, dickheads and year 10 boys has all grown since the story, and accompanying video, went viral this afternoon.

Conservative newspaper editors, having already derided Mr Rudd and his colleagues since the election date was announced, are preparing in earnest for tomorrow’s headlines.

Mr Rudd has blamed his slip up on his morning coffee, which he said was too hot and burnt his tongue, thus making it harder to speak clearly.  However, Mr Rudd was supported later in the day by Labor Senator Doug Cameron, who suggested a Freudian slip and that Mr Rudd was finally expressing his true opinion of Tony Abbott and one that is shared by many Australians.