Actor Ryan Gosling, star of The Notebook, inspiration for the ‘FeministRyanGosling’ blog and melter of women’s hearts across the globe, has found an unlikely new fan base.

Currently in China, there are an estimated 20 million ‘shengnan’ or ‘leftover men,’ the legacy of a decade’s long one-child policy, in which male babies have been preferred to female.  Now fully grown and searching for love, or at least marriage, many have adopted the Canadian born actors name in an effort to increase their chances.

Shanghai’s deed poll office revealed this week that ‘Ryan Gosling’ is now the fastest growing name to which Chinese men are changing,

‘It is unberievable the popurarity of the name,’ said spokesman Ryan Gosling, ‘All day, every day, it is Ryan Gosring, Ryan Gosring!  Who is this man?’

Remember ladies, breathe, breathe...
Remember ladies, breathe, breathe…

Changing ones name to that of a Hollywood star in order to attract a spouse, has a long history amongst the Chinese, social commentator Brad Pitt explains,

‘Oh yes, many many Chinese men change their name!  In 1990’s everyone was Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Reodar… Reonar, Rodard… – that guy from Titanic – not so many Ben Affreck’s though.  Before then we have many Crint Eastwood, Bruce Wirris and Fran Sinatra even.  Now everyborry rikes this Ryan Gosring.’

So is the tactic working?

In a local Beijing café we met a group of young, professional women and asked them – would they consider marrying Ryan Gosling?

‘Oh yes, if real Ryan Gosring wants to marry, then yes! YES, YES, YES!’ exclaimed Li Xiu Zhang, ‘He is a handsome and is so ruv much for the radies!  But these Chinese Ryan Gosring, no, they say they are Ryan Gosring, but we say no, you rook more rike the one from – what is that movie – oh yes – Chuck and Rarry!’

‘Kevin James?’

‘Yes, that is him!  Not a good one for him.  He says I am Ryan Gosring, but he is Kevin James, we say noooo!’

Apparently not all Asian women find Kevin James unappealing
Apparently not all Asian women find Kevin James unappealing

If Li and her friends are anything to go by the outlook is bleak for the estimated 13 million Ryan Gosling’s in China, however some semblance of hope was delivered this week when 101 year old Charlie Chaplin married his youthful 98 year old sweetheart Xiu Hoi-Ang.

Mr and Mrs Chaplin on their wedding day
Mr and Mrs Chaplin on their wedding day

Unfortunately for the newly married Mrs Chaplin, her husband died on their honeymoon from natural causes.