Fans of the popular television show My Kitchen Rules have taken to social media to vent their outrage at the latest controversy involving West Australian contestants Chloe and Kelly.

Leaked footage from tonight’s Grand Final, in which the WA ‘Well travelled friends’ will compete against South Australia’s ‘Proud Mums’ Bree and Jessica, shows what appears to be human remains being served to the judging panel.

Cooking with an Asian theme, Chloe and Kelly’s menu is rumoured to be an entrée of shaved fingers and avocado sushi, followed by a main course of crispy skin thighs with plum and blood sauce, before finishing with hot & cold combination of lightly fried brains and peach ice cream.

MKR 'villians' Chloe and Kelly
MKR ‘villians’ Chloe and Kelly

It is believed Kelly was the inspiration for the controversial recipes and created the menu from her vast international travel experience, through 42 countries, which included ‘…eating pig intestines in Brazil, blood sausages in Argentina, grasshoppers in Myanmar… I love cooking international food and nose-to-tail eating. If you’re going to kill an animal, eat everything, don’t waste it,’ Kelly says on the MKR website.

The latest controversy caps off a remarkable series for the pair who have attracted twiticism on an almost weekly basis, including pastry-gate, sledging their opponents and just being generally annoying and obnoxious people.

In a further twist, the much loved QLD ‘Surfer Dads’ Paul and Blair have not been seen or heard from since being eliminated from the show only days ago, coincidentally by Chloe and Kelly.

Hannibal Lecter, the 'pioneer' of human cuisine
Hannibal Lecter, the ‘pioneer’ of human cuisine