Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez has been released from his contract with EPL club Liverpool and has signed with Romanian club FC Universitatea Cluj.

Following the latest biting controversy, Liverpool FC manager Brendan Rodgers issued a media statement confirming that the club had released Suarez from his contract. Although within a matter of hours, Suarez was signed with Romanian club FC Universitatea Cluj.

Suarez claims to have mistaken Chielline for Tortellini
Suarez claims to have mistaken Chielline for Tortellini

Known as the Red Caps and based in Transylvania, manager Mihai Teja was delighted with the signing.

‘We are very pleased to have Luis Suarez as part of our team, he has an insatiable appetite for the contest and a real taste for victory; he will add considerable bite to our attack. I spoke with Luis this morning and he is looking forward to playing next season, he is very excited about sinking his teeth into a new challenge. Our lack of goal scoring power has been gnawing away at me for some time and I expect Suarez’s arrival will remedy that.’

It is believed Suarez was initially keen to play in neighbouring Hungary, however his manager convinced him that a Transylvanian lifestyle would suit him better. Suarez is expected to take up residence in a cartoonish mansion on top of a hill, play in a cape and wear a hockey mask for all international fixtures.

Meanwhile, Uruguay’s attack has been rendered toothless without their leading goal scorer and they now face a rampant Colombia in the round of 16. Suarez has been barred from attending any more World Cup games, even as a spectator and it is believed he is currently holidaying in Italy.