The tears of 200 million Brasilians were flowing well before half time with a 5 – 0 lead to the Germans. However they have now turned to tears of joy with FIFA announcing, sensationally, that the World Cup semi-final be replayed.

The ruling follows the controversial ‘Foster clause’ which was invoked earlier in the tournament and saw Australia progress to the round of 16. In Brasil’s case they successfully appealed using the defence that when the match began they ‘were not ready.’

Brasil’s unique appeal is often employed by children in school grounds, backyards and streets across the world however seldom in professional sport.

After Muller’s opening goal at the 11 minute mark, Brasilian stand in captain Luiz pleaded with the referee to disallow the goal, saying that his team was not really concentrating and Klose had pulled his hair.

Marcello pleading with the referee, ‘But I wasn’t ready!’

In the following 20 minutes Germany another scored 4 goals, each time Luiz appealing to the referee that they ‘did not count,’ because Brasil were never ready from the beginning of the game. Hulk, Marcelo and goalkeeper Julio Cesar could be seen shaking their fingers at their German opponents, saying ‘Nuh, nuh, it doesn’t count, it doesn’t count!’

Brasilian and German players squabbling over another disputed goal
Brasilian and German players squabbling over another disputed goal

Brasil coach ‘Squeak’ Scolari who was seen leaving the stadium wearing a wig, fake beard and dark glasses is said to be ecstatic at the decision. FIFA’s ruling also means that captain Thiago Silva can take the field in the replay, stiffening Brasil’s shaky defence.

The winner of the replay will go on to play either Argentina or Holland’s ‘The Netherlands’ in the World Cup final, which will be won by Brasil.