Former Prime Minister Paul Keating is working with Australia’s Climate Institute on a breakthrough green energy project.

Climate scientists have been studying the former Prime Minister for several years and believe his ego is so strong it could produce enough energy to power the Australian nation for up to 25 years.

Professor Tim Flannery, who has been leading the research team, expressed his excitement this week when Mr Keating declared that from 1984 – 89 he was effectively running Australia as PM, in place of the oft nude Bob Hawke.

‘I thought he might be running out of hot air, slowing down as he moves into his seventies, but he just keeps on producing. It’s very exciting for our project.’

Keating’s comments follow a series of grand declarations and sweeping statements in his interview series with Kerry O’Brien in 2013. The Climate Institute estimate the interviews produced the equivalent of a decade of coal power. They are lobbying the ABC board to make the interview series an annual event.

The Interviews: Kerry O'Brien and Paul Keating
The Interviews: Kerry O’Brien and Paul Keating

Prof Flannery believes that as Mr Keating ages, he is currently 70, his bitterness at losing the 1996 election will grow and his inflated opinion of himself and public statements on his record as Treasurer and PM will only become more extravagant, embellished and outlandish, which will see a dramatic increase in the energy produced.