Hollywood heartthrob Ryan Gosling has been photographed in the Canadian province of Newfoundland hunting and killing baby seals.

The scandal is the latest in a string of controversies for the A-lister, with 2014 shaping up as a horror year for the star. Gosling attracted highly critical reviews at Cannes for his ‘crapocalypse’ directorial debut ‘Lost River,’ and was subsequently rumoured to be having an affair with co-star Christina Hendricks. Rumours of indiscretion have continued to haunt the star, even after he became a father in September, with girlfriend Eva Mendes.

Seal killer Ryan Gosling photographed shortly before his arrest
Seal killer Ryan Gosling ‘letting off steam’ in Canada

Gosling reportedly fled to Canada to escape the media spotlight after his recent ‘wild night out,’ with Home Alone star and t-shirt saga partner Macaulay Culkin. The pair were filmed wearing Nazi uniforms screaming anti Semitic slogans, before Gosling punched a nun and Culkin urinated on a kindergarten playground.  Both were apprehended by Los Angeles police at 9am ‘in a state of undress’ outside a Scientology clinic on Hollywood Boulevard, demanding to meet Tom Cruise.

Canadian born Gosling is no stranger to violence and controversy, having been suspended from high school for throwing steak knives at other students, forcing his mother to home school him.  In 2007, while campaigning in Uganda for the charity Invisible Children, Gosling was photographed hunting elephants, allegedly slapped a street boy and attempted to smuggle a monkey out of the country.  The monkey was found drugged and folded in a hessian bag inside Gosling’s hand luggage and was wearing lipstick and a diaper.

Gosling in DR Congo in 2010
Gosling, spotted searching for monkeys in DR Congo in 2010

Earlier this year Gosling courted controversy online, when he ‘liked’ a Facebook page dedicated to Austrian kidnapper Joseph Frtizl and boasted in a series of tweets about the number of women he has slept with.  Many of the women replied that they had in fact been ‘bedded’ by Gosling but were left disappointed and frustrated following the encounters.

Gosling is a high profile and long time supporter of the animal rights group PETA and following his antics in Canada it is unknown if he will continue to represent the organisation.  A PETA spokesperson said Gosling’s advocacy work is ‘under review.’

Despite a year of endless controversies and scandals, Gosling has been able to take solace in the fact he has again been voted ‘World’s Sexiest Man,’ by WHO magazine, ‘Hottest Hollywood Star to ever walk the Earth’ by People magazine, ‘Most Unbelievably Attractive Person in the history of Mankind’ by New Scientist and ‘Sexiest Man – Dead or Alive’ by Variety magazine.

Gosling is quoted in the latest edition of OK magazine, in which he topped the poll for ‘Which Hollywood star would you sell your mother for?’ as saying, ‘Fuck aaaaallll you motherfuckers, I’ll kill all the baby seals I want! I’m so damn good looking I can do what I want!’

Gosling is reportedly 'humbled' by yet another 'Sexiest Man Alive' title
Gosling is reportedly ‘humbled’ by yet another ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ award