In the wake of the Martin Place siege in Sydney, the Australian dickhead alert level has been raised to ‘extreme.’

David Irvine, the Director General of ASIO, made the announcement at a press conference this afternoon. Mr Irvine explained that ASIO expects to see a sharp increase in dickhead behaviour, following news that the gunman involved in the siege appears to be inspired by the Islamic State terrorist movement.

Mr Irvine warned Australians to be on the lookout for groups of young men and women draped in Australian flags, narcissistic young people posing for selfies at the scene and of online dickhead groups, with some linking the siege at the Lindt café to the organisations non-halal certification.

It is the first time the dickhead level has been raised to ‘extreme’ since December 2005, following the Cronulla riots. Intelligence agencies generally detect a medium level amount of dickhead activity in Australia, with the most recent increase, to a high level, occurring in September 2013.