Hollywood star Angelina Jolie has revealed she will soon undergo further surgical procedures to remove body parts.

Jolie underwent a double mastectomy in 2013 to reduce her risk of breast cancer and announced recently that her ovaries and fallopian tubes were removed as a further preventative health measure.

The sometimes actress, sometimes goodwill ambassador and sometimes coloured child collector has now revealed plans to remove a lung, spleen and both kidneys, in order to stave off lung cancer, a potentially burst spleen and kidney disease.  Jolie also announced that she is exploring options to remove her lower intestine, heart and thyroid glands, to be ‘as healthy as possible.’

If her plans succeed, sources close to the star believe she will undergo her life long dream of having the metal alloy Adamantium surgically grafted to her skeleton, making her near invincible and ageless.

The only known survivor of such an operation is the mutant Wolverine, who played Hugh Jackman in the 2001 movie Kate & Leopold.  Jolie is believed to have the same ‘unchartered regenerative capabilities’ as the mutant turned actor, proven by her surviving a three year sexual relationship with actor Billy Bob Thornton in the early 2000’s.

Jolie’s experimentation with elective surgery is thought to have been inspired by Tourist co-star Johnny Depp who had his acting ability removed following the 17th Pirates of the Caribbean Movie: Curse of the Profitable Typecast.