California police this week arrested Alexander Spervi, the notorious serial killer known commonly as the ‘Alphabet killer.’

Charged with the murders of 27 people, Spervi pleaded guilty when he appeared in a Sacramento court.

When quizzed about his crimes, Spervi stated he chose the Georgian alphabet in an attempt to ‘stand out from the crowd,’ and because ‘it’s always hard to come with words starting with X’. Spervi said he soon regretted his decision after he discovered the Georgian alphabet contained 33 letters and it was also ‘hard work’ to position many of the bodies in the shapes of the letters.

Spervi confessed that despite being arrested without completing his ‘masterpiece’ he was pleased as he could ‘finally get some rest’ as he was growing tired and did not really have the energy to kill any more people.

In an odd twist to the case, Spervi was arrested after murdering his 27th victim and the judge noted that if he had chosen the English alphabet, he may never have been caught.

The Georgian alphabet
The Georgian alphabet