Facebook is set to introduce one of its most controversial features next week.

Coinciding with the resumption of the school year, the social media site will introduce the long rumoured and recently confirmed ‘school children’ filter.

The opt-in feature will allow users to filter unwanted pictures of their friends’ children attending their first day of school.

Each January, millions of photos of goofy looking children are uploaded to the popular site, causing great annoyance to those who do not care.

The problem of ‘sharenting’ has been exacerbated in recent years with the increased number of grandparents on Facebook, who repost the photos.

The problem has become worse still, with the retarded names parents are now giving their children, like Diesel, Braven, Dodge, Nashton, Heavenleigh, Lark, I’munique, Kaizyle and Mazen.

Not everyone shares your enthusiam
Not everyone shares your enthusiam

Predictably, the news has sent the twittersphere into a spin and a bunch of whinging mummy bloggers have started an online campaign to see the filter scrapped, using the hashtag #WhyDoesntEverybodyThinkMyChildIsAsCuteAsIDo, which at 44 characters long leaves only 96 characters in which to compose their outrage.

Despite the backlash, Facebook have reported that they are pleased with the uptake, with some users even posting how happy they would be to pay for the service.

There are also plans to see the function extended to other common social media annoyances such as photos of disgusting injuries, ‘cheeky’ posts, humblebrags, photos taken with selfie sticks, mothers posting about how proud they are of their children (at any age!) and repeated Candy Crush / Farmville requests.