Documents leaked overnight from the Vatican indicate a growing movement in the Catholic Church for the Canonisation of Cardinal George Pell.

The controversial Australian Cardinal is currently providing evidence to the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, appearing via video link from Rome.

The various requirements for Canonisation includes the achievement of two postmortem miracles and although Cardinal Pell is still very much alive, many in the Catholic Church believe he has already done enough to be considered as a miracle worker.

The first miracle, cited by many within the Church is Pell’s decade’s long ‘sociopathic lack of empathy’ towards the victims of child sexual abuse, including comparing the Catholic Church’s responsibility to that of a trucking company, declaring that abortion is ‘a worse moral scandal than priests sexually abusing young people’ and associating the discussion of child abuse within church circles as mere ‘gossip.’

Cardinal Pell appearing before the Royal Commission this week
Do you swear to forget the truth, the whole truth and recall nothing resembling the truth?

With the title for Sainthood requiring more than his first miracle of a ‘sociopathic lack of empathy,’ many believe Pell’s second miracle was performed this week, while giving evidence at to the Royal Commission.  In an exchange with Commissioner Gail Furness, Pell stated that the abuses of paedophile Priest Gerald Ridsdale ‘wasn’t of much interest to me,’ a response that simultaneously shocked nobody yet disappointed everybody.

The Vatican documents detail the growing excitement within the church, with many believing Pell is capable of many miracles, even as soon as this week.

While the final impediment to Pell’s Canonisation is still many years away, despite his ill health, the church hierarchy have had no shortage of interest in offers to help create a Saint.