What was Han Solo thinking when he walked out on to that bridge to battle with Kylo Ren?

For an experienced guy like Han, walking out onto a bridge, especially one with no railing and a pitch black, smoky bottomless pit beneath, it was a pretty dumb move if you ask me.

For as long as I can remember, nothing good ever comes from walking out onto a bridge in a movie.  Think about it – Gandalf fighting the fire devil thing in Lord of the Rings, that kid in Jurassic Park 3 who is grabbed by the Pterodactyl, the people that fall to their doom in Final Destination 5, the unnecessary amount of injuries caused in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Spiderman and the runaway train, the Kung Fu Panda tiger battle and X-Men 3, when Magneto moves the Golden Gate Bridge onto Alcatraz Island to free the prisoners.  All those scenes ended in tears.

If none of those examples were enough of a warning for Han, then what about when his ally Luke Skywalker had his hand chopped off all those years ago… ON A BRIDGE!

I mean really, what was Han thinking?  Was his ego so inflated after decades spent captaining the Millennium Falcon, shacking up with Princess Leia and leading the Rebel Alliance that he thought he could defeat Darth Vader’s heir apparent?  Sure, he completed the Kessel Run in under 12 parsecs, used a lightsaber without force sensitivity and destroyed the shield generator protecting the second Death Star, but did he really believe he could take on Kylo Ren, who has midichlorian levels rivaling the great Darth Vader.  Who does he think he is?

Now sure, Kylo Ren isn’t so scary without his mask, but he can swing a lightsaber, telepathically torture people and was hypnotised by that giant hologram that seems to be leading the Dark Side ever since Vader was reduced to nothing more than a melted mask.  Ren is a formidable opponent, even Finn and Rey had a hard time battling him in the woods.  Han Solo just wasn’t up to it.

Kylo Ren topping up on Dark Side vibes in a session with Darth Vader's helmet
Kylo Ren topping up on Dark Side vibes in a session with Darth Vader’s helmet

And by the way, where was Han’s ‘life companion’ Chewbacca when all this was happening?  Standing on the sidelines doing his best Meatloaf impression.  Come on mate, your 10ft tall and holding a ray gun – get in there!  I understand having confidence in your mate, but when Han is clearly over the hill and fighting a guy decades younger who is possessed by the Dark Side and wielding a super high tech lightsaber with extra bars you should be there by his side.  Not good enough Chewy.

But no, we cannot lay the blame for the death of Han Solo at the hairy knuckled, calloused and oversize freak feet of a Wookie, as much of a pussy effort that it was.  What happened to Han was his own fault.  Striding onto a bridge, believing that good would triumph over evil was tremendously naïve on his behalf.

Han has never been possessed with The Force, just a bunch of sometimes witty, sometimes corny one-liners.  What was he going to do, make Kylo Ren die of laughter?  Tell embarrassing dad jokes in the hope that he would throw himself off the bridge?  Come on Han, Ren has ambition, he’s not going to give up that easily.

Let’s face it, you blew it Han, all those years of experience and you let yourself down at the critical moment.  We all knew it as soon as you stepped onto that bridge, it was almost as if – you wanted to die…