Because nothing says ‘I care about the issue of poverty in the developing world’ like using your first world privilege to live on healthy, affordable (and of course organic) food for a mere 5 days while raising money for those who do it without a choice, the nutrition, public announcements – or complaining.

Yes folks, Live Below The Line is on again, the annual campaign where wealthy young white people get to live like poor non-white people, but without all the bad parts (lack of resources, conflict, disease, hunger, poverty, no smartphones).

If you know someone who is participating in #LiveBelowTheLine you will inevitably, if you haven’t already, read harrowing accounts on social media of their suffering, as they deal without quinoa salads, chai lattes, bacon and smashed avocado, only hours into the challenge.  If you are wondering just how these brave men and women are surviving, below is a guide to what makes up most LBL meals.


#LBL recipe:

1 cup of good intentions

½ kg of self-raising awareness

300ml of sympathy

100ml of compassion

2 diced sticks of wholesome feelings

1 tbsp of incredible sacrifice

A sprinkling of righteous indignation


  • In a large mixing bowl start with pouring the good intentions and then mix these well with sympathy and compassion (if you feel the need, cry into the mixture as you are preparing the meal, this will provide an extra flavour of authenticity).
  • Next add the self-raising awareness, this important ingredient will give the meal fullness and a sense of validity.
  • Once these are mixed add the wholesome feelings and slowly and dramatically, the tbsp of incredible sacrifice (for best effect you may want to capture this moment on slow motion video and set it to an instrumental score).
  • Finally, add the righteous indignation to taste.

Leave the mixture to set and when it’s ready enjoy with a warm cup of smug.

And tomorrow I return to eating whatever I want, whenever I want
And tomorrow I return to eating whatever I want, whenever I want, oh how I have suffered so!

Rea here, about ‘How to really ‘Live Below the Line’ from 2014.