Hollywood actor Alec Baldwin has been caught up in the so called Trump Tapes affair, with a secret audio recording released today.

In the recording, Baldwin whose recent impersonations of Trump have been a hit on Saturday Night Live, can be heard openly wishing for a Republican victory.

‘I would love it, I really would – I haven’t been this popular since 30 Rock,’ he says to an unnamed associate.

‘Imagine another 4 years of this, I’ll never have to work again!  China, China, China, the sniffing, the sexism, racism, bigoted views, every time this guy opens his mouth – boom – there’s a week’s worth of shows!  You thought George W Bush was good fodder, wait for President Trump – oh my god!’

Baldwin’s remarks have uncovered a division within the ranks of America’s comedians and actors.  While publicly they have been lining up to condemn Donald Trump, privately, many believe a Trump presidency would do wonders for their careers.

Baldwin defended his comments in true Trump style, ‘I’m just saying what most people are thinking,’ explaining that ‘there is nothing Hollywood actors love more than hovering on the fringes of the political system and inserting themselves into debates in the belief they are making a difference in the world.  You’ve seen the contrast between the Bush and Obama years, the opportunity for that kind of self-promotion would only be available in a Trump presidency.