The election of Donald Trump to the office of US President has been hailed as everything from the end of the United States to the second coming of Hitler.  If Trump is able to transform his hateful rhetoric into policy and decisive action then it will undoubtedly be a dark 4 years for people in America, however there are many more critical issues happening right now in the world, all of which trump the shock election result.

Rohingya persecution in Myanmar

One of the most persecuted groups in the world, the Rohingya still fail to stir the global consciousness amidst their annihilation by the Myanmar government.  In recent months villages in Rakhine state have been fired upon by the military, causing widespread destruction and further displacement of stateless men, women and children.  Meanwhile, Aung Sun Suu Kyi – Nobel peace Prize winner and darling of the West continues to maintain her silence, refusing to even mutter the word ‘Rohingya.’

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Children scavenge in a ruined house in Rakhine state, Myanmar.
Children scavenge in a ruined house in Rakhine state, Myanmar

C.A.R. crashing

The Central African Republic’s current conflict has been raging since 2013.  Currently 260,000 refugees are living in neighbouring Cameroon, alongside refugees from Nigeria fleeing Boko Haram.  Half of the C.A.R. refugee population in Cameroon are children and young girls face a high risk of early marriage.  Like many other refugee populations, those from C.A.R. face a critical shortage of basic health supplies, food, water and security.

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Imminent famine in South Sudan

The World Food Program reports that up to 4 million people in South Sudan are severely food insecure, one third of the population do not know where their next meal is coming from.  Bidibidi, a refugee settlement in neighbouring Uganda has been accepting 4,000 people per day since opening in August.  Finally, due to funding shortages at UNHCR, rations to 200,000 refugees were cut in the same month.

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West Bank settlements displacing families

Over the past 10 years Israel has demolished over 1,000 Palestinian homes in the West Bank, leaving almost 5,500 people homeless.  A new bill currently being debated by the Israeli parliament will allow for ‘settlements’ to take place in without government approval, further displacing the Palestinian population, hindering the peace process and denying Palestinians the basic right to a home, in their homeland.

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Mad man in Manila

Earlier this year the Philippines elected their own ‘politically incorrect’ leader in Rodrigo Duterte.  Vowing to rid the nation of drugs and drug dealers, Duterte and his henchmen have created a culture of shoot first and ask questions later (if at all).  Since coming to power in June thousands of ‘suspected drug personalities’ have died at the hands of police or vigilantes while dozens, perhaps hundreds of innocent people have also been murdered, in the new Philippines where suspicion is as good as guilt.

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'The Addict' by David Rowe
‘The Addict’ by David Rowe

No light at the end of the Syria tunnel

While President elect Trump draws comparisons to a certain German leader of the 1930’s, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad must wonder what he has to do to earn such a distinction.  Assad’s regime is responsible for creating the largest refugee population since the Second World War and ending the lives of over 300,000 civilians.  As another winter looms, the Syrian war continues with no end in sight.

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It’s not amore

In 2015/16, approximately 12,000 Nigerian women arrived in Italy by sea.  It is estimated that 80% of these women are trafficked into the booming sex trade, controlled by Italian mafia groups and Nigerian crime gangs, who use ‘juju’ magic to control the women.  The women are held as sex slaves until they work off their ‘debts’ or are lucky enough to escape.  The trafficking in now spreading to Spain and is becoming as increasingly violent trade, as authorities crack down on the leaders.

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Nigeria to Italy: The trafficking route into a life of sex slavery.
Nigeria to Italy: The trafficking route into a life of sex slavery

Venezuela hanging by a thread

Since Hugo Chavez’s death in 2013 Venezuela has been racked by political division and a falling standard of living.  As the power struggles worsened, the population has seen a ‘dramatic decline in enjoyment of economic and social rights, with increasingly widespread hunger and sharply deteriorating health-care.’ The Vatican is now involved in ending the political crisis so that the population can access their basic needs and a humanitarian crisis can be avoided.

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North Korea anyone?

The world’s most oppressive and controlling state plods along, with only intermittent attention from the global community.  Shielded by rising superpower China, North Korea deserve far more scrutiny and outrage than they currently receive.  Famine, flooding, labour camps and even a nuclear missile test this year have seen Pyongyang rise but then quickly fall from the headlines.  Kim Jong-Un is routinely satirised, rather than called out for the brutal tyrant that he is.

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Australia’s offshore detention regime

Despite the recent announcement of a people swap deal with the US, the details of which are unknown, Australia continues to indefinitely detain people seeking asylum on the pacific islands of Nauru and Manus Island in PNG.  Australian governments of both persuasions have, for the best part of 20 years, given the middle finger to the UN Refugee Convention and no amount of self-harm, suicide, murder, neglect, self-immolation or child sexual abuse can sway the politicians from their ‘tough stance’ on vulnerable people seeking Australia’s protection.

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The architects of Operation Sovereign Borders: former Immigration Minister Scott Morrison, former PM Tony Abbott & current Immigration Minister Peter Dutton
The architects of Operation Sovereign Borders: former Immigration Minister Scott Morrison, former PM Tony Abbott & current Immigration Minister Peter Dutton