On the eve of Donald Trump’s inauguration as US President, outgoing commander-in-chief Barack Obama has apparently lost the keys to the Whitehouse.

After leaving 1600 Pennsylvania Ave for the final time last night, Obama was ‘100 percent sure’ he had the keys, though when it came time to hand them over, they were nowhere to be found.

‘You know what,’ pondered Obama, ‘I’m pretty sure I left them under the doormat, or maybe in the letterbox, no actually it was the meter box, yep definitely in the meter box.  Or maybe they’re in the dog kennel, to be honest, I have no bloody idea!’

Trump’s staff attended the property after learning of the scandal, however after an extensive search the keys could not be found anywhere.  Both the CIA and FBI have apparently declined to assist in the search, following Trump’s recent attacks on the intelligence community.

After failing to locate the keys Trump was forced to book a hotel room for the night, coincidentally one that he owns, the Washington based Trump International Hotel.  The President-elect tweeted his anger at the situation, ‘Forced to spend the big night in a hotel. No way to treat a President. Lost keys or a larger conspiracy?’

Obama is believed to have phoned Trump to apologise and also advised the incoming President, ‘Oh and you know what else Donald, you had better check the light globes – some of them need to be replaced, the vacuum cleaner bag is full, I forgot to put the bins out last Wednesday, the batteries in the remote are flat, there’s no milk in the fridge and you better buy some toilet paper too, sorry about all that buddy.’