In his ruthless quest to make America great again, President Trump has announced that a burning cross will be erected on the Whitehouse lawn.

Since his inauguration earlier this month President Trump has, through his executive orders, ceased abortion funding, confirmed construction of a Mexican border wall, banned Muslims from entering the US, withdrawn from the TPP and doomed Native American land with the Dakota pipeline.

Not content with making lives of women, Mexicans, Muslims, Africans, refugees and Native Americans great again, Trump’s latest announcement is aimed at making the lives of African-Americans, Jews, and the LGBTQI community great again too.

Look, I wrote my name, see!
Look, I wrote my name, see. Now it is the law.

Trump declared that by installing ‘a symbol of our nation’s burning desire for greatness’ at the Whitehouse, America will finally be free of the ‘rampant political correctness’ of the Obama years.

Critics have pointed out the inherent racism of the burning cross, however Trump dismissed the claims, ‘America is a Christian nation, founded on the values of indigenous displacement, African slavery and an general contempt for independent thought – the burning of the cross merely symbolises that Christ is alive in all of us, it burns away the evils of the world and of course… It. Will. Make. America. Great. Again.’