Australian Whine Guide 2017

In 2016 the world’s attention was captured by a classic series of whines produced in the UK, Europe and USA, with the best selling releases ‘Cameron Stumped,’ ‘Right Left Out’ and ‘Pussy Grabber.’  Not to be outdone, Australian whines are making their mark on the world stage and 2017 promises to be another classic year of drinking.

Bernardi’s ‘Breakaway’ Semillon 2006

Clare Valley (SA)

The Bernardi Estate made bold declarations for 2017 and with the release of ‘Breakaway’ have launched their campaign to Make Whine Great Again.  Released with much anticipation and fanfare, the whine has so far underwhelmed an expectant public.  Whine experts have reported a distinct lack of substance to ‘Breakaway’ and a bitter aftertaste.  With the promise that Bernardi’s was the whine Australia was yearning for, the public remain unconvinced.

Whinemaker Cory Bernardi in a contemplative mood
Whinemaker Cory Bernardi in a contemplative mood

Hanson’s ‘Jerkstore’ Sauvignon Blanc 1996

Ipswich (QLD)

After a 20 year absence the Hanson Estate made a staggering comeback in 2016.  Relaunching mid-year, the Queensland whinery has ridden their momentum into the new year.  Named after one of the greatest comebacks in history, Hanson’s ‘Jerkstore’ has caused controversy if nothing else.  Some whine experts have reported a more sophisticated flavour to Hanson’s whines, though to many the unpredictability and harsh undertones of past releases remain.  Surprisingly though, Hanson’s whines now match well with ‘good Asian’ dishes.

Hanson with fellow whinemaker Malcolm Roberts who appears to have overindulged

Ford’s ‘Girlfight’ Shiraz 2016

Adelaide Hills (SA)

Never far from controversy, whine experts expect Ford’s to again feature prominently in 2017.  With their new release in ‘Girlfight,’ Ford’s Estate have produced exactly what their target audience expect – a full bodied, forthright and daring whine.  To their detractors, ‘Girlfight’ is a whine that is hard to swallow, overly aggressive and lacking in subtlety.  As is the hallmark of all Ford whines, the skins were left on the grapes during production, because ‘that’s the way nature intended.’

Morrison’s ‘Budget Imbalance’ Riesling 2007

Hunter Valley (NSW)

One of the most divisive white whines of the last half decade, Morrison’s Estate has reportedly matured in recent years, moving on from the disastrous ‘Borders’ releases of 2013/14.  A whine of greater ambition, Morrison’s is famously made from 100% non-renewable coal instead of grapes, though the exact whine making process is still subject to the trademark secrecy of Morrison’s Estate.  The release of ‘Budget Imbalance’ has left many experts puzzled, with the whine reported to be lacking in ideas and inconsistent in delivery.  With the next release due in May, the Estate needs to deliver to stay relevant.

Whinemaker Scott Morrison showing the secret to his whine success
‘Here, taste this,’ says whinemaker Morrison

Christensen’s ‘Crossfloor’ Chardonnay 2010

Mackay (QLD)

Hailing from the Sunshine State, Christensen’s white whine is a growing influence throughout the country, although its full body, pungent aroma and acidic taste see it shunned by much of the drinking public.  With a single release this year, the Christensen Estate has effectively put all their eggs in one basket and if ‘Crossfloor’ fails to deliver, many experts are predicting a dive in popularity.  Some whine watchers are predicting a merger with the Bernardi Estate, though at the same time they remain unconvinced that such a move would produce meaningful results.

Grant’s ‘New Noise’ Rosé 1994

Southern Highlands (NSW)

The rise of Grant’s Estate has whinemakers across the country talking.  Production has been in overdrive since the Estate returned to Australia in 2013 and Grant’s is now considered one of the most interesting and exciting contemporary whines.  ‘New Noise’ Rosé, neither wholly red nor entirely white, is a nod to Grant’s debut year of 1994 and is an easily consumed, well balanced and mature release, sure to impress a wide range of consumers.

Whinemaker Stan Grant, rising in the ranks
Whinemaker Stan Grant, rising in the ranks