25 years after Street Fighter 2 ruled as the most popular arcade game on the planet, we ask the question every child of the 90’s wants to know – where are they now..?

Ryu (Japan)

A fan favourite, the Japanese karate expert was reportedly so offended by having a Chinese American actor portray him in the disastrous 1994 movie, that he joined the Japanese mafia, swearing revenge on America.  Ryu rose quickly through the ranks of the Yakuza, reaching the level of ‘Big Brother.’ However, fans will always remember the day when news broke that Ryu had been executed by a covert CIA mission in Guatemala in 2011.

Ryu in action against former rival Ken in 1992

E Honda (Japan)

In contrast to his countryman, E Honda’s post Street Fighter fame has been a roaring success.  After retiring from sumo wrestling, Honda underwent a radical transformation, losing over 50 kilograms and launching a best selling series of dieting and self improvement books, as well as hosting a high rating television cooking show, ‘The Hundred Hand Calorie Fight & Sumo Fat Smash with E Honda!’

A slimmed down E Honda in 2004

Blanka (Brazil)

The orange haired, green skinned Brazilian with powers of electricity has had a varied post-SF career.  Blanka was controversially overlooked for a role in the X-Men movie franchise, when details emerged of his affair with Patrick Stewart’s then wife Wendy Neuss.  However he eventually found fame again after releasing the cheesy pop single ‘Dance the Blanka,’ which spent 9 weeks at no.1 in the Brazilian charts.

The fearsome Blanka preparing for battle

Guile (USA)

In contrast to Ryu, Guile was overjoyed with his portrayal in the 1994 movie and went on to star in several B grade action movies with Jean Claude Van Damme.  However, the years of fighting, as well as his time in the US Air Force, eventually caught up with Guile and in 2003 he announced he was suffering from severe arthritis.  Guile now receives 24 hour care from his son Wile and lives on a small farm in Arkansas where he breeds alpacas.

Jean Claude Van Damme as Guile in the 1994 Street Fighter movie

Ken (USA)

Another fan favourite, Ken had various incarnations following Street Fighter, including a short lived career in WWF wrestling, underwear modelling, as a bass player for nu-metal band Shoryuken and a brief stint as a Southern Baptist Pastor in his native Georgia.  Ken is currently working in real estate, teaching martial arts 2 nights per week and married with 2 children.

Ken, far left, as a member of Shoryuken in 2003

Chun-Li (China)

The only female Street Fighter, Chun-Li can boast one of the most successful fighting records of all.  Li defied critics to fight all through the 90’s and well into the 2000’s, retiring only when she fell pregnant.  Chun-Li’s legend continued to grow and she is the only Street Fighter with her own dedicated movie.  Li is now mother to 6 children and in 2012 was awarded The Order of Loyalty and Valour by the former Chinese President Hu Jintao.

The fearsome fighting feminist: Chun-Li

Zangief (Russia)

The burly Russian retired from professional wrestling in 1994 and defected to the USA as the former Soviet Union disintegrated in the early 90’s.  Zangief is now known as Tom Goldstein and freelances as a security guard in the Miami nightclub scene. He has never married.

Tom Goldstein (in white), aka Zangief pictured with a friend in Miami (2008)

Dhalsim (India)

Little is known of the rubbery, fire breathing yogi and pacifist.  Dhalsim shunned fame in his native India and in 1996 retreated to his home village in the Himalayas.  It has been reported that Dhalsim has hosted Buddhist convert and Hollywood actor Richard Gere as well as the Dalai Llama, though other reports suggest he has used his extendible limbs to forge a career in the adult entertainment industry.

Dhalsim celebrates another victory

Balrog (USA)

The Vegas boxer with the deadly right hand lead quit fighting in 1997 and, following in the footsteps of his hero Muhammad Ali, joined the Nation of Islam.  Re-emerging as Michael X, he has, for the past 20 years, travelled through Western Africa and the Southern USA preaching and converting followers to the faith.  X is married to Amina Muhamed and they have 3 children together.

Shortly before Balrog became Michael X and joined the Nation of Islam

Vega (Spain)

The wiry, masked Spaniard known as ‘The Spanish Ninja,’ famously wore his mask to avoid his face being scarred.  Following his Street Fighter days Vega pursued his dream of a modelling career, however it met with only moderate success.  In 2006 he went on to launch his own brand of male cosmetics including the cologne ‘Flying Barcelona Attack!’ after one of his signature moves.

Vega at the launch of his fragrance, Flying Barcelona Attack!

Sagat (Thailand)

The years of street fighting took their toll on the former Muay Thai champion and Sagat retired from professional fighting in the early 2000’s.  He went on to perform in several show fights for tourists, before retreating from the public eye all together in 2007.  Sagat re-emerged in 2010 with a new identity, Sally Nan Chok and became a top ranking Instagram and Snap Chat celebrity, with the now famous hashtag #fightlikealadyboy.

Sally Nan Chok (red) in 2010

M. Bison (USA)

The most feared of all the Street Fighter bosses, M Bison remains high on the FBI’s Most Wanted List.  Over the years Bison has been linked with the North Korean Kim family, Mexican drug cartels, the Russian Mafia and the producers of the revamped Ghostbusters.  His whereabouts are unknown, however it is believed he may be currently advising the President of the United States on foreign policy.

M Bison reigns supreme after another victory