An Australian tourist hiking in the Peruvian Andes has gone missing overnight and is presumed to be a complete dickhead.

Scott Carter from Perth, Western Australia reportedly ignored local safety warnings, was thoroughly unprepared and overestimated his hiking ability & fitness, due to the fact that he was born, raised and according to his facebook profile, ‘has basically dominated the Aussie outback for over a decade.’  He allegedly told friends he wanted to pose for a naked selfie upon reaching Machu Picchu.

Reports from Lima are hopeful and a team of rescuers believe they will eventually locate the missing hiker.

Carter now joins a long list of white tourists making dickheads of themselves overseas, including the so called ‘Budgie 9’ Australians deported from Malaysia last year, a Dutch tourist in Myanmar who disconnected a loudspeaker at a religious hall, a Canadian photographed giving the Nazi salute in Germany, a British man who attempted to bribe Philippines customs officers and the infamous group of backpackers who stripped for naked selfies atop Malaysia’s Mount Kinabalu in 2015.

The reaction in Malaysia from the ‘Kinabalu 4’
The Australian ‘Budgie 9’ at the Malaysian Grand Prix, 2016

Carter’s family have expressed their indifference to whether he is found or not, saying if he is that bloody stupid to wander into the mountains unaccompanied, then they do not want him diluting the gene pool anyway.