The year 2016 will be remembered for many things – Brexit, Trump and the Zambian election (we’ll all be telling our grandchildren about that day!).  But above everything else 2016 will be remembered for the terrific amount of celebrities who died, though many on the list we had long forgotten about and already presumed dead.  Not since 1997 when Princess Di, Mother Theresa, Anton La Vey, Jeff Buckley, Mobuto Sese Seko, Michael Hutchence, Notorious B.I.G. & Ginna Versace departed has there been such a memorable year.

What better way to commemorate those left us in 2016 than by playing the ‘2016 Celebrity Death Quiz!’  Call yourself a fan, well how well do you really know your #deadcelebs?

1. What was George Michael’s last hit?

  • Something from the 80’s
  • Leather on skin
  • Two kilos of smack
  • His head on the floor
Who was your favourite George Michael?

2. Whose death did Americans celebrate more in 2016?

  • Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro
  • Howard Marks, the former drug smuggler known as ‘Mr Nice’
  • Former first lady Nancy Reagan
  • Florence Henderson, aka Carol Brady of the Brady Bunch
Nancy Reagan with her war criminal husband Ronald

3. Which celebrity died in 2016 and was thus reunited with his career?

  • Ronnie Corbett
  • Eagles guitarist Glen Frey
  • Gene Wilder
  • All of the above
Up ahead in the distance, I saw a shimmering light…

4. Prince died in April 2016 of a fentanyl overdose, what would have been a funnier way for him to die?

  • Being forced to listen to his 1998 album ‘Newpower Soul’ on repeat
  • Erotic asphyxiation (always a favourite amongst celebrities and the sexually experimental, think Carradine and Hutchence amongst others)
  • Sticking a piece of whale bone through his urinary tract to clear a blockage
  • Drowning in a bizarre sexual peeing incident
The Artist Formerly Known As Alive

5. True or false (here’s a hint – it’s true), Leonard Cohen died only weeks after hearing Texan acapella group Pentatonix doing the 15 millionth cover of ‘Hallelujah,’ which was included on their Pentatonix Christmas album.

Yes, it’s true, they killed Cohen.

Pentatonix: Enough to make any self respecting musician keel over

6. What killed the kids (now adults) of Generation X in 2016?

  • The seriously unfunny Ghostbusters remake
  • Ben Affleck as Batman and Jared Leto as The Joker  (please don’t mention George Clooney or Alicia Silverstone, that didn’t happen)
  • A Blink 182 comeback
  • The very idea that Kanye West would even consider a David Bowie tribute album
Jared Leto in Suicide Squad, the flop that has all but killed director David Ayer’s career

7. What was your favourite Alan Rickman death?

  • As Hans Gruber, falling from the building in Die Hard
  • When Kevin Costner stabbed him in the heart in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves
  • As Severus Snape in Harry Potter (spoiler alert!), when he was slashed by the white thing with no nose (not Michael Jackson, Voldemort)
  • Surrounded by family and friends in 2016
Yippee ki-yay Motherfucker!

8. David Bowie or Prince – who cashed in more (and in the process missed out on making a shitload of money) when he died in 2016?

  • Prince earned $25 million in 2016, while Bowie earned a paltry $10.5 million, though Ziggy did sell more albums.
What the fuck is going on here Bowie? You’re supposed to be a genius!

9. Harambe’s death was controversial because

  • He was killed for free, depriving rich dentists the opportunity to pay for the privilege of shooting and posing with a defenceless animal
  • Harambe took better care of the child than it’s parents and they are still breathing
  • At the same time, over 10 million people in Yemen were starving, but who remembers that..?
  • It spawned the meaningless internet catchphrase ‘Dicks Out For Harambe’
Harambe’s final moments

10. Which of these celebrities was aware that they were still alive in 2016?

  • Andrew Sachs
  • Shimon Peres
  • Zsa Zsa Gabor
  • Muhammad Ali
I know nothing: Andrew Sachs as Manuel (from Barcelona) in Fawlty Towers

11. What killed American democracy in 2016?

  • Donald Trump
  • Hillary Clinton
  • Low voter turnout
  • What democracy?
That ‘oh shit, I should have voted’ moment

12. What do Shane Warne and Zsa Zsa Gabor have in common?

  • Neither have their original face or hair
  • Both have been married nine times, including a brief affair with former US President Richard Nixon
  • Warne and Gabor can both bowl amazing leg breaks
  • They both went out for 99
In 1989 Gabor spent 72 hours in prison after slapping a police officer in Beverley Hills

13. Which of these celebrities snorted the most lines of coke in their lifetime?

  • Carrie Fisher
  • Doris Roberts (the mum on Everybody Loves Raymond)
  • Carrie Fisher’s mum
  • Carrie Fisher
Well, I haven’t had a date in a looong time…

14. Who do you want to die next?

  • All of Coldplay, but mostly Chris Martin
  • Woman beater and occasional rapper Chris Brown
  • George Bush – either one, I’m not fussy
  • Bill Cosby
  • Daniel Radcliffe (another member of the 27 club..?)
  • Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh

Well folks, how did you go?  Did this quiz revive feelings of mourning and sadness, or have or you already forgotten about half of these people?  2017 has so far been a quiet year, with Chuck Berry, Charlie Murphy, Ian Brady and Bill Pullman the only deaths of any note – but didn’t we all get excited a few weeks back when Buckingham Palace called an unexpected press conference..?!

You never know what (or who) is around the corner…