Boob sweat is a thing

Who knew boobs got sweaty in that bit underneath? Not men. Well perhaps this guy did, but for most men this has been a startling revelation.

My life is already fucked, I may as well drink my own urine…

And who knew that (according to Buzzfeed) boob sweat was so abundant that it can drip into your cup of chamomile tea and onto your blankets. Wow, amazing!

Men are well aware that balls sweat, but not so much that it dribbles into our beer or onto the floor. That boob sweat thing must be serious. Another piece of the female puzzle is in place.

Women call their boobs Ta-Tas

They call them what? Ta-Tas, really..? That is freaking hilarious!

As if there aren’t enough names for boobs already.

Hmm here’s a thought, what nickname would suit these reproductive organs on my chest – I know Ta-tas, like the prominent 19th century Indian business family from Mumbai.

As is building a multi million dollar business empire wasn’t enough, this family is now a nickname for boobs!

Boobs look good in anything

Well, men already knew this. But given the ridiculous appearance of the Ta Ta Towel, it merely confirms that boobs really do look good in anything.

Women love to hate on each other

Read the comments section of any Ta-Ta Towel article and I dare you to find a negative comment from a man. Wow, women really do hate on each other.

There was definitely no man hate when the Mankini was invented!

There is only love for the mankini

Boobs are expensive

So guys, you now realise why your chamomile tea tastes a bit salty and why the blankets have wet spots, so this Christmas you can buy your lady the perfect gift.

Well think again – $45 dollars for a freaking towel! Boobs are damn expensive.

To put it in context, $45 will get you a slab of beer, a brand new Sherrin footy or a shittonne of nails and screws.

Boobs are great

Another thing men already knew, but it’s important to acknowledge and end on a positive note.

A gratuitous collage of boobs