Australia to open world’s first Border Museum

February 5, 2016



The Australian government has announced plans to open the world’s first Border Museum.

10 things you should not put in your children’s lunchbox

February 2, 2016



School has returned for another year and the eternal quest to find the perfect school lunch continues.  Week in, week out parents juggle the competing demands of nutrition, variety, taste, preference and price.

Australian Whine Guide 2016

January 29, 2016



The Australian whine guide is back for another year.  In 2016 we review some exciting new whines that are sure to dazzle the palate and excite the senses – not to be outdone, the traditional flavours still have many good years of drinking remaining.

Facebook to introduce ‘school children’ filter

January 20, 2016


Kids ready for 1st day of school, 2011

Facebook is set to introduce one of its most controversial features next week.

Somewhere amongst it all was a sporting contest

January 3, 2016



80,833 people marched into the MCG for the newest local derby – Melbourne Stars vs Melbourne Renegades in the T20 cricket.

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The Top 10’s of 2015

December 27, 2015



Another year is drawing to a close and once again the human race has displayed its ability to overcome magnificent obstacles, defy tremendous odds and succeed in amazing ways. At the same time it has showcased its perennial stupidity, lack of understanding of basic principles and outright destructive force upon its fellow man and the […]

Naughty or nice: How will you spend this Christmas?

December 8, 2015



Imagine you have $1 billion.  What would you do with it?  How would you spend it, or would you give it away?  Would you use the money for personal gain, or to better the world?  Imagine the power you would command with $1 billion.  The circles you would mix in, the people you would meet […]