Rebuilding Nepal: Week 2

October 5, 2015


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The second week of rebuilding in Ganesh Than has seen the school begin to take form.

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Rebuilding Nepal: Ganesh Than Primary School

September 29, 2015


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In the mountain village of Ganesh Than, in the Kavre district, the April/May earthquakes struck hard.  An estimated 25 buildings, including many houses were destroyed and livestock including cows, goats and chickens killed.  One elderly woman died, while in the surrounding villages it is estimated that around 35 lives were lost.

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A migrant crisis or a refugee opportunity?

September 7, 2015



Europe does not have a migrant crisis. This may sound an unbelievable statement, given the recent images beamed across the globe, however the issue can be viewed and addressed differently when seen through an alternate lens – a refugee opportunity. What Europe has, first of all, involves asylum seekers and refugees, not migrants. This is […]

Movie fans confused about how to appropriately honour Wes Craven

August 31, 2015



The death of filmmaker Wes Craven has put fans in a spin, about how to appropriately honour the revolutionary horror director.

Tony Abbott announced as ambassador for prostate cancer awareness month

August 25, 2015



Prime Minister Tony Abbott has been unveiled as the national ambassador for prostate cancer awareness month, launching in September.

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These kids came 2nd in their high school spelling bee – you won’t believe the words they stumbled on!

August 10, 2015



The high school spelling bee is a time honoured tradition in the US school system and alongside head cheerleader, all star quarterback and the first guy to get a handjob, it is the title all students strive for.

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Collingwood favourites to win Gallant Cup

July 28, 2015


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The Collingwood Football Club has this week become favourites to win the 2015 Gallant Cup.

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