Tony Abbott announced as ambassador for prostate cancer awareness month

August 25, 2015



Prime Minister Tony Abbott has been unveiled as the national ambassador for prostate cancer awareness month, launching in September.

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These kids came 2nd in their high school spelling bee – you won’t believe the words they stumbled on!

August 10, 2015



The high school spelling bee is a time honoured tradition in the US school system and alongside head cheerleader, all star quarterback and the first guy to get a handjob, it is the title all students strive for.

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Collingwood favourites to win Gallant Cup

July 28, 2015


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The Collingwood Football Club has this week become favourites to win the 2015 Gallant Cup.

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The Zombie apocalypse: is your family at risk?

July 27, 2015



The Zombie apocalypse is one of the fastest spreading viruses in the world, with those infected often unaware of their symptoms.  Next month is Zombie apocalypse awareness month, where those free from this dreadful condition can alert sufferers and assist them with a cure and future prevention.

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ISIS found to be in serious breach of OH&S regulations

July 8, 2015


<> on April 14, 2015 near Al-Karmah, Iraq.

An internal report completed by Islamic State management has found serious and ongoing breaches of Occupational Health & Safety regulations.

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How safe is your citizenship: Take the quiz

June 25, 2015



Following the governments new citizenship legislation, not only are the terrorists in Syria and Iraq now filled with a deep sense of regret, but others, still here in Australia could also lose their citizenship.  The question now is – how safe is your citizenship?  Take this quick & easy quiz to find out.

Financial advice, with Philip Ruddock MP

June 15, 2015



Saving for that new car?  Bills piling up?  Trying to smuggle your family to safety across the ocean?  Whatever it is you’re saving for Philip Ruddock MP financial services is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to offer you the best advice to save you money ‘in the long term.’

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